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at biphasic ...we train, we explain and we entertain !!! 

Biphasic First Aid Training is an educational organisation providing quality training solutions that unlock employee potential, while delivering greater possibilities to communities and workplaces.  With emphasis on quality learning and development, our bi-phase approach focuses on knowledge and skill development to deliver to organisations real skills, real people and real results.

Tailoring and providing flexible training solutions to meet your individual, workplace and community needs, Biphasic Training provides quality training through: workshops and seminars, on-the-job coaching, scenario-based training and at Biphasic First Aid Training Centres throughout Queensland.  Check out our Training Courses' dates, times and prices.

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Biphasic First Aid Training sells quality first aid kits and first aid supplies.  Shop now by visiting Biphasic's online store, or contact us for a workplace visit to restock your first aid supplies. 

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Did you know that every Australian workplace has a legal responsibility for ensuring adequate first aid provisions?  Contact us today to discuss your workplace training and first aid supplies. 

There are so many reasons to choose Biphasic First Aid Training - learn more about us -  click here to find out more!  Biphasic Training collaborates with industry and professionals to develop biphasic teaching and assessment methodologies, ultimately providing you with real-life scenario-based training that enhances employability skills for the future. 


To strive for every Australian to be first aid ready. 

Mission Statement

Providing every Australian with the essential information, knowledge and skills to react to any emergency situation


biphasic training’s people are working to become leaders in first aid training by demonstrating the following values : Leadership Equality   Accountability Diversity Enjoyment   Respect   Simplicity